AYA Chair

Brand: BRANCA Lisboa

The AYA chair offers a comfortable seat and an elegance that will rhymer perfectly with your refined interior.
Available in solid beech or solid walnut.

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920,00 €

Super-geometric chair born of the constantly moving imagination of Marco Sousa Santos, for the Portuguese brand BRANCA Lisboa.
The no-nonsense design of the chair AYA goes straight to the point. Extremely clean lines, sharp angles, a bold upright back and an outline that actually seems to move forward. AYA is a comfortable, amazing and unexpected chair, a chair that passed through the hands of the artisans who bestowed upon the walnut and the beech the respect such noble woods are due.
It takes at least four weeks to produce this chair and give AYA such an independent look....

Manufacturer Guarantee 2 years.
Made to order. Available in 4-6 weeks

Material Solid beech wood or solid walnut
Height Seated (cm) 46
Width (cm) 55
Weight (kg) 5
Length (cm) 55
Height (cm) 79



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