• 860,00 €

    CURVA chair is made ​​of solid beech. This small cocooning lounge chair brings a touch of chic to your interior.

    860,00 €
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  • 795,00 €

    The R&B2 easy chair is made from solid ash. Truly comfortable, its beauty will bring a hint of authenticity to your room.

    795,00 €
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  • 740,00 €

    The chair ARANHA displays a design of great refinement.Its elegant, slender figure will bring more than a touch of elegance to your home.Available in solid beech or solid oak wood.

    740,00 €
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  • 920,00 €

    The AYA chair offers a comfortable seat and an elegance that will rhymer perfectly with your refined interior. Available in solid beech or solid walnut.

    920,00 €
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  • 520,00 €

    The SKIN chair has very clean lines and an unparalleled beauty. A must for lovers of pure design. Available in solid ash or solid beech.

    520,00 €
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  • 510,00 €

    CUT CHAIR is a clean cut design that will suit both inside and outside settings. Made of cork with the seat in solid oak, it is 100 % eco-friendly and recyclable. Backrest available in natural oak or black.

    510,00 €
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  • 480,00 €

    The PAPER CHAIR is made of steel and offers both resistance and comfort. A contemporary chair that works equally well inside and outside. 

    480,00 €
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  • 370,00 €

    VIVA chair is a sturdy chair with a characterful design. Once you have one, you’ll want them all.Made from solid ash, in three different colours.

    370,00 €
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  • 360,00 €

    The RODA chair is made of solid ash or solid oak wood.This chair is designed for comfort and is easy to add to in various colours.

    360,00 €
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