Coffee Tables 

  • The CRYSTAL coffee table pays tribute to the capital city of London and in particular to the Crystal Centre in London. With its oblique signs and deceptive uprights, fans of contemporary original pieces will love it.

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    The ARCH coffee table is elegant and modern. Its silhouette is undeniably graphic.Available in white lacquer or zebrawood.

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    The HEXA coffee table is a modular table that can be used in a vertical or horizontal position. It can be used as an occasional table, a coffee table. Available in solid oak or solid walnut. 

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  • 985,00 €

    TRI is an elegant and refined coffee table that has the perfect mix of functionality and design.

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    The NIVEL coffee table by BRANCA Lisboa is an elegant table that will easily find its place in the heart of your living room.Available in oak or solid walnut.

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  • 480,00 €

    The ROLHA coffee table is an original and fun table, and is 100% eco-friendly.

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  • 395,00 €

    The PENCIL table is made entirely of cork, its design is totally original and brings to mind the end of a sharpened pencil. Alone or grouped with other PENCIL tables of different heights and in different colours, this table can be completely adapted to your interior design. 

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    The LAGO coffee table by WEWOOD is an elegant and functional table with a marble base and a solid wood top.

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