• 3 120,00 €

    The MARIA dining table is an elegant and sturdy round dining table. Its look is reminiscent of the chic and stylish furniture of the 1950s. Available in solid oak or solid walnut.

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  • 17 400,00 €

    The STONE sideboard is an exceptional piece, covered in gold leaf. An exclusive creation, born of a union between art and design.

    17 400,00 €
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  • 420,00 €

    The PAPER CHAIR is made of steel and offers both resistance and comfort. A contemporary chair that works equally well inside and outside. 

    420,00 €
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  • 11 760,00 €

    The ARC sideboard is an exceptional piece of furniture, decorated with ornate blue Azulejos tiles. An exclusive creation of art and design for an extraordinary decor.

    11 760,00 €
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  • 2 940,00 €

    The SENSUALITY armchair was created to celebrate women. A sensual and comfortable armchair.

    2 940,00 €
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  • 10 920,00 €

    The CRYSTAL coffee table pays tribute to the capital city of London and in particular to the Crystal Centre in London. With its oblique signs and deceptive uprights, fans of contemporary original pieces will love it.

    10 920,00 €
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  • 13 080,00 €

    The SILHOUETTE sideboard is an exceptional piece of furniture An “out of the range” creation, and a charismatic presence for a unique décor.

    13 080,00 €
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  • 10 200,00 €

    The RHYTMIC Sideboard has several useful storage compartments. It’s a surprising piece, with its curves and drops that ignite the interest of even the most seasoned furniture lover.

    10 200,00 €
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  • 395,00 €

    CUT CHAIR is a clean cut design that will suit both inside and outside settings. Made of cork with the seat in solid oak, it is 100 % eco-friendly and recyclable. Backrest available in natural oak or black.

    395,00 €
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