• 2 780,00 €

    The RAIA dining table has a sleek and contemporary design, which is perfect for an elegant dining room. Available in solid oak.

    2 780,00 €
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  • 2 670,00 €

    The TREE chair is elegant and very comfortable. Its design celebrates the tree. Perfect for nature lovers.Available in solid oak or solid walnut.

    2 670,00 €
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  • 900,00 €

    The HEXA coffee table is a modular table that can be used in a vertical or horizontal position. It can be used as an occasional table, a coffee table. Available in solid oak or solid walnut. 

    900,00 €
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  • 220,00 €

    This is the Portuguese chair!Made of solid ash, it is functional and comfortable, and offers a touch of authenticity to your home.Available in solid ash in three different colours. 

    220,00 €
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  • 1 110,00 €

    The SAN dining table displays natural simplicity and elegance. Available in solid oak.

    1 110,00 €
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  • 6 570,00 €

    The BEIGE LAYER SOFA by BRANCA Lisboa is a sofa with very clean lines, modern and refined.

    6 570,00 €
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  • 460,00 €

    The OMEGA stool (High Stool 6) is entirely made of cork and has a shallow back in solid oak.A designer object and 100% natural. 

    460,00 €
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  • 270,00 €

    The RODA chair is made of solid ash.This chair is designed for comfort and is easy to add to in various colours.

    270,00 €
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  • 510,00 €

    CURVA chair is made ​​of solid beech. This small cocooning lounge chair brings a touch of chic to your interior.

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  • 380,00 €

    The ROLHA coffee table is an original and fun table, and is 100% eco-friendly.

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  • 1 240,00 €

    The SORRI chair is comfortable and welcoming. It will stand perfectly in the bedroom, living room or entrance. Available in solid oak.

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  • 3 120,00 €

    The INES dining table is an elegant and sturdy oval table. Its look is reminiscent of the chic and stylish furniture of the 1950s. Available in solid oak or solid walnut.

    3 120,00 €
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  • 575,00 €

    The R&B2 easy chair is made from solid ash. Truly comfortable, its beauty will bring a hint of authenticity to your room.

    575,00 €
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  • 390,00 €

    The SKIN chair has very clean lines and an unparalleled beauty. A must for lovers of pure design. Available in solid ash or solid beech.

    390,00 €
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  • 265,00 €

    The PENCIL table is made entirely of cork, its design is totally original and brings to mind the end of a sharpened pencil. Alone or grouped with other PENCIL tables of different heights and in different colours, this table can be completely adapted to your interior design. 

    265,00 €
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