The founding pharmacist of Nobre laboratories created the first
face cream for Benamor in 1928. The brand NALLY was born a few years later and developed a vast range of beauty products that were used by Portuguese film stars in the 1940s, and NALLY boasted the queen of fado Amalia Rodrigues as its biggest client.  Next on the market was the fabulous alantoin hand cream with lemongrass oil that moisturizes hands and gives an incomparable softness.

These products are still popular today, and in the purest tradition, all homemade and steeped in Portuguese know-how. Other essential products, Benamor face cream face and Gordo, a fragrance-free deep moisturising cream that softens the skin day in day out, and that doesn’t overpower your favourite perfume.

The classic Benamor face cream and alantoin hand cream remain now and for ever more, iconic products in Portuguese skin care history. Emblematic of the Portuguese beauty industry, these creams are still loved by many and are currently enjoying renewed popularity amongst the younger market.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items