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  • 3 570,00 €

    The OAK sideboard has sleek and timeless lines. It marries easily with both classic and contemporary interiors. Available in solid oak.

    3 570,00 €
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  • 3 330,00 €

    The RAIA dining table has a sleek and contemporary design, which is perfect for an elegant dining room. Available in solid oak.

    3 330,00 €
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  • 5 990,00 €

    The TOUCH Tallboy is robust, functional and elegant. Its seven handsome drawers have a stylish, slow-closing mechanism giving plenty of storage. Available in solid oak or solid walnut.

    5 990,00 €
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  • 1 750,00 €

    Sleek, graphic lines for this XI bookshelf. The ideal piece of furniture for small spaces. Available in oak or walnut veneer.

    1 750,00 €
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  • 1 490,00 €

    The ODHIN armchair is elegant and robust. Its understated Scandinavian look is ideal for lovers of Nordic design.Available in oak or walnut.

    1 490,00 €
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  • 2 245,00 €

    The TREE chair is elegant and very comfortable. Its design celebrates the tree. Perfect for nature lovers.Available in solid oak or solid walnut.

    2 245,00 €
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  • 980,00 €

    The HEXA coffee table is a modular table that can be used in a vertical or horizontal position. It can be used as an occasional table, a coffee table. Available in solid oak or solid walnut. 

    980,00 €
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  • 2 210,00 €

    The SHELL CHAIR has an exceptional and unique design, offering an unexpected cocooning experience.A veritable must have in terms of design.

    2 210,00 €
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  • 1 380,00 €

    The LACO K cabinet can be used as storage or as a TV cabinet.  Appealing in a sleek and minimalist way.

    1 380,00 €
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  • 220,00 €

    This is the Portuguese chair!Made of solid ash, it is functional and comfortable, and offers a touch of authenticity to your home.Available in solid ash in three different colours. 

    220,00 €
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  • 950,00 €

    This elegant, lounge armchair BARCA is built to last.Its Scandinavian look draws you into a state of elegant relaxation. Available in solid ash.

    950,00 €
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  • 1 870,00 €

    The NOGA desk offers a chic, elegant working space, with several storage options. Available in solid oak or solid walnut.

    1 870,00 €
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  • 805,00 €

    The AYA chair offers a comfortable seat and an elegance that will rhymer perfectly with your refined interior. Available in solid beech or solid walnut.

    805,00 €
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  • 395,00 €

    CUT CHAIR is a clean cut design that will suit both inside and outside settings. Made of cork with the seat in solid oak, it is 100 % eco-friendly and recyclable. Backrest available in natural oak or black.

    395,00 €
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  • 350,00 €

    O STOOL is a very modern, eco-friendly and original seat made ​​of chocolate coloured cork. Functional and decorative, this quirky little seat can be used both inside and out.

    350,00 €
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Showing 1 - 15 of 22 items