The CLASSIC sideboard has sleek and timeless lines. Its Scandinavian look is perfect for classic or contemporary interiors.
Available in solid oak.

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2 020,00 €

The CLASSIC sideboard is the classic item par excellence of the WEWOOD range.

It combines all the qualities you would expect from craftsmanship and technology in high-end carpentry.
This Scandinavian-style cabinet is made of 100% solid oak both inside and out.
Open the doors and discover the storage spaces that the CLASSIC buffet offers: two drawers on each side and a niche in the open central area, a convenient adjustable removable shelf for aligning books, your favorite decorative objects or even your choice of spirits.

The CLASSIC sideboard can also be used as a TV stand.
Very functional, any piece of CLASSIC furniture will find its place in your apartment just like all the other creations from the WEWOOD range.
Your visitors will fall in love with its elegance and the strength of its outlines.

Each piece is numbered and signed by the brand and the designer. 

Manufacturer Guarantee 3 years. 
Made to order. Available in 5-6 weeks

MaterialSolid Oak
Weight (kg)49,5
FinishesLinseed oiled, matt finish.
Length (cm)130
Width (cm)40
Height (cm)74,2



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