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    Created in 2008 by architect and designer Marco Sousa, BAT EYE is a passionate, stimulating and provocative brand, where each creation sits at the confluence of art and advanced technology. His furniture, which is clearly inspired by the architecture of big cities, is in fact the perfect example. Noble and unusual materials, bold shapes, BAT EYE is a brand that fosters the eclectic and brings a new dimension to the creative element of Portugal. As a tribute to his birthplace of Porto, the young Marco Sousa called his very first collection the Porto Collection, a flamboyant and spirited approach that gave birth to the now iconic designs such as the CASK mirror or the STONE sideboard.




    The founding pharmacist of Nobre laboratories created the first
    face cream for Benamor in 1928. The brand NALLY was born a few years later and developed a vast range of beauty products that were used by Portuguese film stars in the 1940s, and NALLY boasted the queen of fado Amalia Rodrigues as its biggest client.  Next on the market was the fabulous alantoin hand cream with lemongrass oil that moisturizes hands and gives an incomparable softness.

    These products are still popular today, and in the purest tradition, all homemade and steeped in Portuguese know-how. Other essential products, Benamor face cream face and Gordo, a fragrance-free deep moisturising cream that softens the skin day in day out, and that doesn’t overpower your favourite perfume.

    The classic Benamor face cream and alantoin hand cream remain now and for ever more, iconic products in Portuguese skin care history. Emblematic of the Portuguese beauty industry, these creams are still loved by many and are currently enjoying renewed popularity amongst the younger market.

  • BRANCA Lisboa

    BRANCA Lisboa

    BRANCA Lisboa is devoted to the splendour and nobility of the wood that is used to make their collections. A marriage of art and advanced technology, they offer a very sleek, high spec range of furniture. You only have to see the NOGA desk, the BARCA easy chair or the AYA chair which are the perfectly illustration of this. At BRANCA Lisboa, high quality craftsmanship is the priority. Each piece is the result of a unique bond between the skilled human hand and cutting-edge research, designer and creator of the brand Marco Sousa Santos being at the heart of each unique piece. The SHELL CHAIR being perhaps the most emblematic example, which will live on forever as a major classic in the world of contemporary furniture.



    CLAUS PORTO is the premium brand of Ach. Brito, the oldest Portuguese soap and fragrance factory, founded in 1887. A brand synonymous with luxury that has preserved traditional soap-making techniques which helped to build its name the world over.  From ranges of soap with unusual and classic fragrances to their collection of delicately sophisticated perfumed candles, here we find innovation and craftsmans’ know-how from this centuries’ old company.

    CLAUS PORTO products are made from 100% natural ingredients, presented in magnificent brightly coloured vintage Art Deco style packaging and they make original and charming gifts.


    CUTIPOL is the Portuguese cutlery benchmark that has carried the true spirit of traditional Portuguese tableware throughout the generations.

    The ranges created by the brand are made from high quality materials and come in a variety of different designs, with styles to appeal to all tastes. Their form is the true embodiment of design, ergonomics, lightness and balance, each item made with an attention to detail second to none. CUTIPOL has nearly thirty different ranges that satisfy even the most exacting customer. Classic lines such as Alcantara or Acer, or the more ornate Fontainebleau, not forgetting the more radical artistic designs such as Goa or Duna.



    DELIGHTFULL offers a collection of original light fixtures with a style heavily enhanced by the spirit of the 1950s. Like the golden age of retro light fittings, DELIGHTFULL fixtures are handmade from quality materials: brass, aluminum, steel, and so on. Their craftsmanship guarantees a high quality finish and a product built to last, characteristics which are essential for a unique high-end product.

    Given the blend of heritage and modernity, the brand has already produced iconic fixtures such as the AMY lamp, the COLTRANE wall lamp, and the BOTTI candlestick.

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